now for a really stupid

Ed Haynes (
Sun, 14 May 1995 17:43:00 -0700

As DWilhelmy was saying:

D >ok. if you throw most mammals into a swimming pool they manage to padd
D >around, at least for a little while (not that i am speaking from
D >experience). why does this not seem to apply to humans?
D >is it some culturally-induced panic that makes it necessary for us to
D >LEARN to be water-safe? where in our evolution did we forget how to
D >paddle and decide to thrash and scream instead? and what about other
D >primates?

I have no support references at all. But it would appear that since many
infants will "swim" [at least for a little while] when placed in deep
water, then perhaps humans LEARN to FEAR the water. ????


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