Re: Time Frame: Early Hominids

26 Apr 1995 16:56:51 GMT

Patricia Lynn Sothman ( wrote:
: JoeBeaver ( wrote:

There was a note in Science News (April 22, page 253) that folks working
at Sterkfontein (Berger in particular) have found that A. africanus was a
good deal more arboreal than A. afarensis. The arms and legs seem to
support the hypothesis that the primary locomotor adaptation was
suspensory climbing, and the pelvis was more primitive than that in A.
afarensis, although advanced in that direction from the apes. The dating
is about 2.6-2.9 MY BP.

Any clues? H. habilis is believed to have evolved from A. africanus, and
my character database seems to support that position without these new

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