Re: "New" large terrestrial animal

Rich Travsky (rtravsky@UWYO.EDU)
1 May 95 23:03:50 MDT (J. Moore) writes:
>Jo> > New species are discovered all the time, including "large
>Jo> > terrestrials."
>Jo> I, among others, would appreciate an example of a "large
>Jo> terrestrial" discovered in the previous two decades. And please, a new
>Jo> species within an established genus doesn't count.
> [...]
>As for such an animal, however, there is the example of the
>"pseudo-oryx", discovered (or "discovered";-) in SE Asia in 1992.
>It was of course known to locals, but then what isn't?
What really bothered me about this part of the thread was the phrase
"all the time". Define "all the time". An example from 1992 is
"once in a while", or "occaisionally", but not all the time...

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