Re: Time Frame: Early Hominids

Rusty6356 (
1 May 1995 21:14:12 -0400

I believe Johanson &White estimated humeral-femoral index of OH62 at about
85, very similar to Lucy. Some upper jaw fragments were found, too.

I'm going to apologize in advance for this comment, but someone here
referred to Tim White & "Haile Selassie" speaking about their new find.
"Haile" is Berhane Asfaw, an Ethiopian anthropologist who trained at
Berkeley and probably a major factor in U.S. teams being able to get back
into Ethiopia after a lapse of several years. Paleo has been plagued by
the dismissive attitudes of some Americans toward their African
colleagues, an attitude which simply sets back the whole field. Anyway, I
don't mean to point a finger at anyone here, just suggest that it's
probably time for all of us to examine our attitudes and pay more than lip
service to African scientists.