Paleoanthropology in Wired

Jim Foley (
14 Apr 1995 14:45:37 GMT

Wired (a magazine about the computer culture) has an interesting ad:

In Casablanca, a sliver of bone revealed a chunk of history when Dr.
Jean-Jacques Hublin unearthed a few fossilized skull fragments. Then
Hublin and a team of IBM scientists fed this shattered 3-d jigsaw puzzle
into a unique program called Visualization Data Explorer. The tiny
pieces helped form an electronic reconstruction of our early ancestor,
the first Homo sapiens. This new IBM technology has turned time back
400,000 years, uncovering clues to the origins of mankind.....

There's also a double page photo of Hublin at the Thomas quarry in

Don't know what fossil they're talking about. Presumeably an archaic
Homo sapiens.

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