Re: Is Humanity Inherently Violent?

Ed Cottrill (
Mon, 16 May 1994 06:09:43 GMT writes:

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>> I would like to pose a question to this newsgroup...
>> Is humankind inherently non-violent and/or non-agressive?
>Now, THIS is a lot more fun!
>You're reviving the old argument between Lewis Leakey and
>Raymond Dart about the origins of man's social behaviour!
>I think that's a lot more promising as a subject than AAH.
>Richard Leakey's "People of the Lake" (about his studies
>of the site at lake Turkana) argues that cooperation as
>a human ethic MUST antedate competition. Let's hear more..
>Kevin Raftery

I am not in the feild, but I found C.K. Brain's _The Hunters or the
Hunted_ fascinating. I bears on this question. Brain favours the view
that humans were not at the top of the food chain in their early
history, but were prey for large cats. Is Brain's work well respected
in the field?