Re: Mistaken post

5121 Student 09 (
1 May 1994 10:32:45 -0400

Aaron M. Rosenberg <> wrote:
> (5121 Student 09) writes:
>> I think you're in serious need of a vacation.
>Thank you for your 2 cents. I'm sure the rest of us will remember the
>helpful and discerning comments your "spare change" has brought to the

You're quite welcome.

>At first, I could not believe that people were arguing over the
>Amphibious Ape business. Now, this group is apparently experiencing
>cat-calls, about previous discussions, about that rediculous
>Homonid-backstroke Theory.
>Regardless of what you want to say, please..for the sake of those new
>friends and colleagues of mine participating in this newsgroup...Calm
>yourself. Take five deep breaths. And then post. Remember why
>"sci.anthro.paleo" exists and maybe we can then get on with something
>current and relevant issues.

Perhaps you should reserve your advice for yourself and Mr. Nicholls
and others who continue to resort to name calling and ridicule.
How does _ridiculous homonid-backstroke theory_ promote calm
discussion of relevant issues? Seems to me it's just flame-bait.

Besides, I don't see how I am keeping you or others from discussing
other issues. Ignore me. I don't mind.

My [ridiculous and irrelevant] 2 cents.
David Greene