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1 May 1994 10:22:51 -0400

Lucie M. Melahn <> wrote:
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>>>In bad science, you decide what happened then look for evidence.
>>Couldn't have said it better myself.
>Well, then I'm sorry you didn't read any of the rest of my post.
>If you expect a reasonable discussion, you shouldn't also adhere to one
>idea, get defensive, and refuse to listen to what people who know
>something about the subject have to say.

I didn't realize I had. I have realigned my position several times
over the course of the last 3 weeks. I have conceeded several
points and I have agreed that Morgan and Hardy made many errors.

I will *not* conceed that AAT is _hogwash_, or that it is a
_non-issue_. I will *not* conceed that every alternate explanation
is proof that AAT is wrong. I enjoy hearing other possibilities,
I just don't like being ridiculed in the process.

>I agree that many of the people
>answering you have not been reasonable or even polite. But the fact is,
>you are doing exactly what you accuse "traditional" science of
>doing--sticking to your belief regardless of evidence (or, as I keep
>trying and trying to point out, complete LACK of evidence).

As I said, I have *not* stuck to my position. I originally accepted
Morgan lock, stock, and barrel. Now I see that fat has no insulatory
benefit, that hair loss occurred because man was hot, and that
swimming does not promote bipedalism.

My current position is that I believe man spent some time in the
water. He did so because he was hot, because there was food
there for which he could out-compete others, and because it
was safer than the savannah. I believe his time in the water
supported his weight for eventual continuous upright stance
on land. I believe we and our babies are fat because it promotes

>FIghting in
>the underdog position is noble and fun, but it doesn't mean you're
>necessarily right.

I have never claimed to be right. Just curious.

My [noble and fun] 2 cents.
David Greene