Re: AAT, Round 2

5121 Student 09 (
29 Apr 1994 00:45:20 -0400

Andrew Francis Grichting <> wrote:
>[rock-climbing and underground ape theories deleted]
>Note that I am >NOT< supporting either of these theories, I just put them
>forward to show the difficulty of proposing ancient life-styles and the
>evolutionary causes for physical traits. It seems to me that there is more
>evidence for the savvanah theory than any other,

Which theory is that again? The savannah theory. How does that one go.
According to P.Nicholls _there is no savannah theory of hominid
evolution_. Maybe you could spell it out here as briefly as you
did with the other two theories.

It's *so* simple it should only take you 5 or 6 lines.

My [just wanna make sure we're talkin about the same thing] 2 cents
David Greene