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29 Apr 1994 00:31:52 -0400

J. Moore <> wrote:
>David, if your young anthopologist came forth with a theory that
>required one (as your recent posts have) to ignore all aquatic predators
>(such as crocs and sharks), one might think he had not thought out his
>subject quite enough.

Then I would point out that a communittee currently exists in
Indonesia where everyone spends 10 hours daily in the water and
subsist on food obtained by diving. Their children learn to swim
before they can walk and bring in food by age 6.

Maybe they have _not thought out_ their lifestyle before they started
living it.

> A real description of human evolution takes a lot
>more time and space than you're gonna get from on-line posts. For a
>readable, extremely thorough, and still quite relevant description, read
>Nancy M. Tanner's "On Becoming Human" (1981, Cambridge U. Press). It's
>in a lot of public libraries as well as university libraries. Dean
>Falk's "Braindance" is also pretty good, more recent (although not as
>all-encompassing), readable, and available in a lot of public libraries.

Great! I will look them up immediatly. Thank you :-)

David Greene