I really don't care ...

NICHOLLS PHILIP A (pn8886@thor.albany.edu)
Thu, 28 Apr 94 00:02:56 GMT

You know, I really don't care if folks are offended by my tone.
I have posted so much counter-arguement to this silly idea and
seen it ignored. I have posted references --- did anyone bother
to check them? Has anyone bothered to read Pete Wheeler's
research on heat stress, aside from his article in Aquatic Ape
Fact or Fiction? Has anyone EVER checked into the numerous
references I posted on energy of bipedalism vs quadrupedalism,
on bipedal locomotion in non-human primates, on forging strategy
on the savanna, on African paleoclimatology . . .

Why should I bother to do that again? The aquatic ape is a
non-issue. One conference does not validate it any more than
the 1980 AAAS conference on Velikofsky validates the idea of
the solar system as a planetary pool table.

This is pseudoscience, folks. It has a pattern. It attracts
true believers who eventually, as we just say, begin to
accuse the scientific community of censorship. Why? Because
they won't take their particular crack-pot theory seriously.

I am not trying to bully anyone. I am pointing out, as someone
who has an interest in the origin and distribution of this
kind of thing,

Philip Nicholls "To ask a question,
Department of Anthropology you must first know
SUNY Albany most of the answer."