AL-444: Reply to Holloway

Thu, 28 Apr 94 00:12:25 GMT

Dr. Holloway,

Thank you for your recent reply.

Yes, AL 444-2 does have both an OM and T/S sinus. As I understand
it, the critical feature being scored is not the absense of a
transverse-sigmoid sinus, but the presense of an enlarged OM sinus,
which seems to be a fixed feature in robust australopithecines.

> If the internal table of bone of this specimen isn't eroded, it
> will be interesting to see if there will be melange of pongid and
> hominid characteristics. I'm betting there will be. Cheers.

I have chosen for the most part to steer clear of hominid
paleoneurology (I have an inexplicable facination with the
comparative anatomy of the basal ganglia) but I would be interested
to hear what you expect this specimen to show in terms of hominid


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