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>I am looking for any info on the occurrence of alcoholism among the
>Indians in Central America.Is there a genetic link? or is that a myth I

Alcoholism has been a huge problem for all Native American groups with
which I am familiar. Is there a genetic link? Maybe the fact that
Europeans have been consuming alcohol a lot longer than have Native
Americans who seem to not have had alcohol until the European colonization.
I suspect, therefore, that Euro-Americans have a bit more tolerance to
low-alcohol drinks than do natives, although purified alcohol has only
existed for what, 800 or 900 years, and now reeks havoc on us as well. At
some rituals I have witnessed in Mexico, the natives certainly did like to
get smashed. Prior to alcohol, drug consumption was a big activity. It
might not be genetic, it might just be a different attitude about how one
gets in touch with the gods.