Re: What is a hominid?

J. Moore (
Thu, 23 Mar 95 10:58:00 -0500

7c> Jim Moore suggests distinguishing hominids by the fact that their
7c> big toes are not pronatated. The problem with that is that all
7c> apes are progress through the prenatal stage with their big toes
7c> in line like ours. Pronation only develops after birth.
7c> --
7c> JP Bailhe

You'd better use adults or you'll run into "Taung-syndrome" ;-)

I'd also gently suggest that trying to make fine distinctions between
closely related species by examining their respective fetuses is a
lost cause...

I stand by my "big toe" claim -- nothing else works as well!
(Sounds like a commercial, doesn't it?)

Jim Moore (

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