Re: graphics considered harmful (was Re: NYT on Rick Adams and Microsoft)

Ken Panton (
23 Feb 1995 13:50:18 GMT

In article <>, (Alex Currier) writes:
|> In article <house.792904832@helios>, house@helios.usq.EDU.AU (ron house) wrote:
|> > Who has ever heard a dinosaur roar? In other words, in an encyclodedia
|> > for young children, they are peddling outright fabrications.

[stuff deleted]

|> I think dinosaur roars, as fabrications go, are the least of our education
|> worries in this country.

So... why didn't they give the dinos a different sound? Perhaps a "meow" or
"purrrrrr" would do the trick. How about allowing the kids to choose their own
sound for the dinos? At least then they'd use a little imagination.


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