"Image and Likeness..."

David Soriano (soriano+@pitt.edu)
27 Jun 1995 17:31:00 GMT

Organization: University of Pittsburgh

The Neanderthal had existed for a long time on this earth. Life was harsh
but the difficuties held them together as a group. All were treated with
respect. Not too much free-time for free-thought. Not encouraged, ether!
The Neanderthal was proud of his handsome, intelligent brother. He taught
them to bury their dead and focus on the spiritual matters of this existence.
We existed , peacefully, with our older brethren . For a while. We were
made in the Image and Likeness! They were apes; to be killed. We had the
manefest destiny! A few, of us, knew that beauty was only skin-deep. Some
of us took them for our partners. The DNA mixed....
Finally, the Tasmanians were all dead. Some of us were now free to become
college presidents, c.e.o. material, etc. We are now free to become the
double- humped bell-shape curve of humanity shown to us by the Wellsian
Time Traveler. The Time Machine now lays before us.......
One man's opinion of the situation! Regards, Dave