Re: "Was Neanderthal White ?"

Alex Duncan (
27 Jun 1995 17:21:48 GMT

In article <3so5h0$> FaStAg,
>Asking whether Neanderthals were white or not (for the moment, leaving
>aside the dubious nature of the whole 'race' thing) is like asking
>whether chimpanzees are white. They're different species, it doesn't

For the most part, attempts to link fossil populations with modern
"races" have been abanded (sp?) -- but see Wolpoff. In part, this is
because the race concept has questional biological validity. It
certainly would be ridiculous to attempt to link Neandertals to
"causasians" or "indo-europeans" (but again, see Wolpoff) because they
are probably a different species and contributed nothing to the modern
human genome.
Asking about the skin color of Neandertals is relevant, because
skin color is an adaptation.

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