Re: Bare skin, a different explanation?

John D. Brennan IV (
21 Jun 1995 15:51:30 GMT


The best explanation for bare skin I've found so far was a recent
finding, I found it on the AP wire a few weeks back.
For generations, members of a family joined the circus as "bearded
ladies" and "werewolves". A recent genetic study of this family found
a single-gene mutation causes the "werewolf"-like characteristics
including the sprouting of hair all over the face in men, and "beards"
in women, not to mention far denser body hair then normal in both
sexes. Now the theory they proposed is that this gene was shut off in
our evolution, and only turned back on in this family due to another
mutation. I don't know if this helps anything, or even if this is
clear, but I figured it would spark a little interest.