Re: fossil evidence of disease

P.G.Davis (
Mon, 19 Jun 1995 16:43:13 GMT

Richard Spear ( wrote:
: Hi all -

: Has anyone run across references to fossil evidence of disease in hominids/AHS?
: I've searched the literature and haven't come up with a thing.

Try a book called Field guide to joint Disease in Archaeology
by Juilet Rodgers and Paul Dieppe published by Wiley at around 30 pounds.
Or there is another called Counting the Dead - The epidemiology of
skeletal populations (can't remember who is the publisher or author) but
it is around 10 pounds.
Alternatively check out the Journal Of Osteoarchaeology, or the Journal of
Archaeological Science. You must be able to get a lead into the literature
from there.
Hope this helps
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