Re: Intelligent Dinosaur Paleo Civilization?

Ethan Vishniac (
19 Jun 1995 12:58:32 GMT

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>ok, you have shown off your knowledge of Latin. Now, for the rest of
>us,Barry Mennen <> wrote:
>what do it mean???

`Yet who would hear such a study, which would lead us to the first cause of
all things, dismissed or denigrated as useless or contemptible?'

A good quote to throw into discussions concerning cosmology, my
first professional area of work, but it works for an amazingly
large number of academic disciplines. My mother brought it to
my attention after hearing it at a seminar on ferns.

"Quis tamen tale studium, quo ad primam omnium rerum causam evehimur,
tamquam inutile aut contemnendum detractare ac deprimere ausit?"-Bridel

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