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>Hi all -
>Has anyone run across references to fossil evidence of disease in hominids/AHS?
>I've searched the literature and haven't come up with a thing.

You've tried searching "Paleopathology"? I'm surprised you couldn't find
anything, there are many books on the subject. Here are a few to start
you off (these are in English, there are also a number of good ones in

Brothwell, D. and Sandison A.T. (1967) _Diseases in Antiquity_.
Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas

Jassens P.A. (1970). _Palaeopathology: Diseases and Injuries of
Prehistoric Man_ London: Baker.

Ortner, D.J. and Putschar W.G.J. (1981) _Identification of Pathological
Conditions in Human Skeletal Remains_ Smitsonian contributions to
anthropology, no 28. Washington DC: Smithsonian Institution Press.

There is also a classic by Steinbock, but I don't have the cite offhand.


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