Re: Pre-contact diseases anyone???

Benjamin Jay Britton (
17 Jun 1995 04:55:36 GMT

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John D. Brennan IV <> wrote:
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>Bonedaddy <> writes:
>> I seem to recall reading some time ago a journal or magazine artice that
>> mentioned possible evidence of smallpox in North America PRIOR to it's
>> introduction by western peoples. If anyone has any recall to the existence of such an
>> article could you please e-mail me directly with references...?
>> Thank-you in advance!
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> I spotted it in Discover magazine a while back, it was just a few
>paragraphs, but it pictured a new bone find exhibiting the effects of
>smallpox dated several hundred years before Columbus. If you can find
>that there's more references in the back of the magazine.

this must not be true and cannot be true and if it was it is because
smallpox must have been carried over the bering straits 12,000 years
previously. if you resist my diatribe, you are a lunatic fringeoid.
do you undestand i am sarcastic!?