Evolution of Modern H. sapiens

HARRY R. ERWIN (herwin@osf1.gmu.edu)
16 Jun 1995 19:23:20 GMT

My database seems to indicate that the H. erectus/sapiens clade has had
five significant branching events:

0. African H. ergaster/erectus. Early, treeless-savannah-adapted. In many
ways, fully modern.

1. Asian H. erectus, characterized by a dozen or so 'racial' differences,
emerging about 1.25 MY ago and including both the Chinese and Indonesion
groups. Includes Ngangdong. A dead end.

2. An East/South African group post-dating the split of the Asian H.
erectus. Includes OH 9 and OH 12. A dead end.

3. A more northern group first seen in Africa that grades into archaic H.
sapiens in Africa, Asia, and Europe--including the Dali specimens. Related
to, but not descended from the East/South African group.

4. H. neanderthalensis, based in Europe, with populations extending into
Western Asia. Died out in Europe with the Chatel-Perronian and related

5. Modern H. sapiens, emerging from the North African group between
100000 and 200000 years BP. Exploding into Asia between 50000 and 100000
BP. In Europe about 35000 BP and in Australia 30000-50000 BP.

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