Re: Wild man of Borneo?

NeilFoglia (
15 Jun 1995 16:02:22 -0400

VINCENT@TRIUMF.CA (Pete Vincent) writes:

>I caught a mention on the radio the other day, apparently serious
>enough to make its way onto a newscast, that some folk or other
>in Borneo had announced that they were `close to' tracking down
>the `Wild Man of Borneo'. This struck me as odd for a number of
>reasons: serious researchers don't usually announce that they're
>`close to' something. They wait til there's really something there.
>And I always thought the WMoB was some sort of 17th cent.
>misdescription of the orang.

>Anyway, this report went on that WM sightings are still being
>reported, and someone or other is convinced it's some sort
>of hairy hominid, and they're closing in on its home territory.
>I dunno, maybe it was a slow news day.

Actually this was not a slow news day at all. The hunt has been on for
some time. The creature sited has now been positively identified as BARD.