Wild man of Borneo?

15 Jun 1995 09:40:29 GMT

I caught a mention on the radio the other day, apparently serious
enough to make its way onto a newscast, that some folk or other
in Borneo had announced that they were `close to' tracking down
the `Wild Man of Borneo'. This struck me as odd for a number of
reasons: serious researchers don't usually announce that they're
`close to' something. They wait til there's really something there.
And I always thought the WMoB was some sort of 17th cent.
misdescription of the orang.

Anyway, this report went on that WM sightings are still being
reported, and someone or other is convinced it's some sort
of hairy hominid, and they're closing in on its home territory.
I dunno, maybe it was a slow news day.

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