Re: Breast Size (Was: Re: Homosexuality and genetic determinism)

Mary Beth Williams (
12 Jun 1995 20:40:58 GMT

In <3rhs0s$> Ori Pomerantz <>

> It does. Men who were considered bigger and stronger tended
>to win disputes, such as who will mate with that woman (in some
>it is something MEN decide), or who (and whose family) will have the
>lion's share of food in times of famine.

But you're leaving out the fact that large penus size does not
correlated directly to physical stature, so what's your point?

> Also, it's possible€women tended to prefer males who appear
>to be dominating, because: a. such males are likelier to be better

Yes, but you're discounting the fact that in most hunter/gatherer
societies, women provide the majority of food (I can provide a very
extensive bibliography, if you'd like to argue this point further..).
Also, you're assuming a familial setup of the nuclear household, not
all that common until the 19th century (at least in North America).
Where does communalism fit in here?

> b. children from such males will probably be stronger,
>atleast socially

Stronger *socially*?? You mean better adjusted, or what?

>and c. children from such males will be more
>attractive to the next generation of women, thus producing more
And this is just general gobbliegook, not even worthy of serious
discussion. Perhaps when most of the posters on this thread discard
their views of cavemen dragging women around by the hair and enter the
20th-century, we'll have a productive discussion.

Until then...

MB Williams