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Fri, 9 Jun 1995 18:51:15 GMT

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>Subject: WWW-based Anthro Quiz
>Date: Tue, 6 Jun 1995 03:27:38 GMT

>Hello everybody,

>I am researching the application of World Wide Web-based / Internet
>technology for educational purposes at the University of Waterloo.

>I would like to explore the possibilities of the WWW by creating a multi-
>media quiz program which covers the biological evolution of homo sapiens.
>The target audience would be students in an "Introduction to Anthropology"-
>type course or those who have a general interest.

>The current format that I have thought of is as follows:

>The quiz commences with a proconsul or something on the screen -- pictures
>of bones, an artist's conception, whatever. In addition to the picture, a
>short "bio" is presented -- when it lived, why it is important, et cetera.

>The user is quizzed questions that are relavent to biological evolution;
>maybe even specific to the current stage. As the user answers questions
>correctly, he "evolves:" the proconsul is replaced with something more
>advanced (eventually an australopithicus, et cetera). This process continues
>until modern homo sapiens are reached.

>I'm envisioning ten stages or so in total.

>My question to anyone who is interested is:

>What stages are of most importance to consider? And how should I deal with
>conflicting theories as to the exact branching that occurrs? I'd like to
>expliciting reference Java Man, Lucy, etc. etc. etc.

>Any input would be most appreciated.

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