Re: A hairy question

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22 May 1995 22:47:02 GMT

>...I have seen it stated, by Vernon Reynolds, that in fact apes have "a
>lower density of body hair than humans" but that their body hair is (and
>I think we all recognize this) longer than ours. What we do find is
>that, on average, we *look like* we have less body hair than apes.

That is very interesting, Jim. Do you happen to know/remember where you saw
that? It would be interesting to look into if just for curiosity's sake.

>...there's that funny bit about how it keeps growing so long out of our
>heads but not so much other places. I don't know what folks know about
>Jim Moore (

Yep, that is curious. That's another question I was thinking about bringing

Dave B.