Re: Homo heidelbergensis

Sharon A Palmer (
1 Jun 1994 05:34:26 GMT

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Ken Brown <> wrote:
> (Stanley Friesen) wrote:
>> (The longest that
>> purely cultural factors have been able to keep two con-specific
>> population seperate is about 2500 years in the case of the Jews,
>> and that is an extremely unusal case).

I have read that the Tasmanians were separated from all others for
10 thousand years. This was a small population, on an island, but
they were not a separate species.

>Back on topic for a while - I have a purely sentimental attraction to the
>idea that some of the oddities about us northern Europeans are due to
>interbreeding between H.s.s. & H.s.n
>Partial albinism, vestigal brow ridges (I can feel mine distinctly), second

I am not saying that it is true, but I am also attracted to this idea.
Many Northern European types are very robust. Large bones, big chest.
Studies would be interesting.

Sharon Palmer