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>> I have a hard time understanding all this anti Atlantis stuff. The fact is
>> there is plenty of hard evidence that Atlantis, or some superpower, existed
>> earlier than Plato.
>> The Pyramids are one. It's hard to imagine that the first men out of the
>> shell decided to pile up that much stone on just the spur of the moment.

Yes there was a superpower before Plato and you're suggesting right
here what it was. Egypt. Egypt had been a nation and a power (Up and
down and with more or less unity) for thousands of years before
classical Greece. Plenty of time to build pyramids.
>> You have to consider all the archaeological evidence scattered around the
>> Atlantic. In the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico etc. This may not been
>> a single nation but it is evidence of advanced thinking before Plato.
Are you sure that the early American cities and pyramids predate
Plato? I don't have references here, but I seem to recall that most
of the Meso American civilizations were no earlier than the middle of
the first millenium AD.

>> My favorite though, is the Peri Reis map. I have seen a lot of
>> about this map but it is certainly evidence of early existance. I have
>> a piece on this map and it can be found at

The map I have heard of, but know little about so I can't agrue with
you there. I will check out your page, though.

>> This is one of my favorite subjects.
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