Re: Racism disguised as Anthropology

Frank Moore (
Wed, 24 Jul 1996 13:10:03 -0700

Mike Muller wrote:
> All races have suffered persecution and minorital status
> > at some point in history, and most of us have learned to overcome it.
> Now you are speaking for all races...when exactly did the white Europeans
> suffer persecution and a minority status?

You ever heard of Genghis Khan? You ever heard of Saladin? You ever
heard of the Ottoman Turks?

> Because some African populations desired to remain hunter-gatherers and
> not persue technology doesn't diminish there survival skill. And if those
> from Europe and Asian had stopped encroaching on their territories and
> left them to there culture they would not be experiencing the poverty
> they do now.

Yeah sure. The only thing that would change is that the African tribes
would kill each other off sooner to define who controls what. Instead,
they're doing it now.

> > Today the evidence of this hypothesis is
> > apparent in African black behavior and attitude, as well as the state > of
> > military turmoil in the African continent.
> The state of military turmoil is due to the presence of European
> interests and policies.

False. The military turmoil is the 'growing pains' of tribes being
thrust together by Europeans drawing the map of Africa. They could have
done it themselves (see above).

> > Remember that in the slave trade, the slaves were not kidnapped from their
> > jungle (jungle is used figuratively, most of Africa is not actually
> > jungle) homes as they will have you believe(stealing thousands of African
> > natives with only a boat crew would be impossible or take years). They
> > were in fact traded to the whites in exchange for molasses(ref. The
> > Gold-molasses-slave triangle). Well who traded them off, you ask? Their
> > own people, that is who. During the many tribal wars in Africa, countless
> > numbers of prisoners were taken, either to become the capturing tribe's
> > slave/servant, or to become food for those tribes that practiced
> > cannibalism. After the introduction of the slave trade in Africa, those
> > prisoners of the tribal wars, were sold off in exchange for molasses as
> > slaves to the whites. It was African blacks who sold the first African
> > black slaves, another little irony.
> If someone offered you a little black girl to treat as an animal in trade
> for some computer chips and a laser printer I suppose you would have no
> problem making the point is taking what is offered in YOUR
> choice. These colonists didn't have to make the trade. SO therefore, by
> doing so, they are as ruthless and cruel as those offering the trade. Or
> should I say as *primate-like*.

So we see...all people are the same after all. You guys ought to
remember that. We're all built a little different but we're basically
the same.