Re: NOTICE: Draft RFD for retromoderation of

Chuck Karish (karish@gondwana.Stanford.EDU)
24 Jul 1996 18:23:33 GMT

In article <4t5lun$>,
Ben Waggoner <> wrote:
>I have posted a draft RFD (Request For Discussion) concerning proposed
>retromoderation policy for The RFD is available on
>the Usenet newsgroups and news.groups; interested
>persons are invited to comment.
>Please note that news.groups is the proper forum for commenting on this
>draft RFD. Please do not post comments or responses to the sci.*
>newsgroups. Followups have been set accordingly.

This is not the proper use of news.groups. It's perfectly appropriate
to refine a draft RFD in the forum it will affect before submitting an
actual RFD to news.groups.

It's not productive to start discussions on news.groups until there is
something approaching consensus in the interested constituency. The
news managers who read news.groups don't know what the readers
of want from the group.


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