Re: NOTICE: Draft RFD for retromoderation of

Ben Waggoner (
25 Jul 1996 04:49:28 GMT

Chuck Karish (karish@gondwana.Stanford.EDU) wrote:
: >Please note that news.groups is the proper forum for commenting on this
: >draft RFD. Please do not post comments or responses to the sci.*
: >newsgroups. Followups have been set accordingly.

: This is not the proper use of news.groups. It's perfectly appropriate
: to refine a draft RFD in the forum it will affect before submitting an
: actual RFD to news.groups.

A couple of other draft RFDs are making the rounds on news.groups now, and
I was directed there by someone else. I apologise if I've committed a
Usenet solecism, but I certainly had reason to expect that news.groups was

: It's not productive to start discussions on news.groups until there is
: something approaching consensus in the interested constituency. The
: news managers who read news.groups don't know what the readers
: of want from the group.

Moderation has actually been discussed for some time on; we had an informal referendum on it
a few weeks ago. We have "something approaching consensus,"
if not unanimous agreement.

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