Re: offspring, ape and man.

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23 Jul 1996 17:03:15 GMT

In article <4sgo2c$>, (Aleta v. Turner) writes:
|> (Tdewater) wrote:
|> >Is it possiable to mate an ape and a human and have an offspring ? If yes
|> >has it been done and what was the child like ? If one has any data on
|> >this please send it to and comment here.
|> Several years ago, I was told of a study where a sperm and egg were
|> put together from a human and an ape, a gorilla, I think, because of
|> the same number of chromosomes. A zygote did result, and was allowed
|> to develop to blastula stage, at which point, it was destroyed. It
|> was reported in one of the journals, perhaps Science, but
|> unfortunately, I have never seen the original piece. Maybe someone
|> who is familiar with this study, or any similar ones, can comment with
|> more detail.

While this may be based on truth, it is also an urban legend, and I
first heard that rumour several decades back. The technology for
in-vitro fertilisation developed at about the same time as the
hysterical campaign against any research on human reproduction.
The claim that certain laboratories have been cross-breeding
humans and apes has been made regularly by extremists, but never

However, it is possible (even likely) that the experiment was done,
though probably not in a country with long-standing traditions of
some control on medical experiments (such as the USA and UK). What
I have more difficulty believing is that a journal such as Science
would have published it, even 25 or more years ago, because of the
risk of being caught up in the politics.

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