Re: Parasites and paleoanthropology

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21 Jul 1996 19:09:00 GMT

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Paul Crowley <> wrote:
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> "Nick Maclaren" writes:
>> So animals without fixed home bases don't have species-specific
>> exoparasites (of the flea type)? Well, well, well. I learn something
>> new every day :-)
>Fleas jump on for a feed and then jump off. If the host never
>returns to base they die. So chimps and gorillas don't have them.

Many birds have fleas, but very few have permanent homes.

>> In fact, the existence of water-borne parasites does not even show
>> that humans used permanent water-holes. If the parasite can last a
>> complete dry season in either the human or the dormant phase of the
>> aquatic host, then it can be transmitted entirely via transient water
>> holes and streams.
>You should not be so dogmatic when you are so ignorant. ...

Please educate me by telling me what is incorrect in the statement
that I made above.

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