Re: Why African Blacks are as they are

Richard Henley (
Sun, 21 Jul 1996 19:39:23 -0500

R.Bull/B.Bauer wrote:
> Several posters have commented that this thread does not belong in
> alt.genealogy and that we should not respond to it here. I agree. I have
> forwarded the entire original post to the newsgroup sci.anthropology.paleo
> with the following preface:
> The following article was posted to alt.genealogy by "Alex" who describes
> himself as "duly qualified as a paleontologist with a BA from Arizona
> State University." The post didn't seem to belong in alt.genealogy and
> instead of ripping his "theories" to shreds myself, I thought I would
> repost it here where it can be ripped to shreds by true experts. *Please*
> tell me that this kind of pseudo-scientific racist babble is not the kind
> of thing being taught in our universities.
> Brian Bauer (follow-ups set to sci.anthropology.paleo)I think Dr Alex's paper is a wonderful piece of work. If he is a bigot -
many, many millions of people are also - some publicly, and a whole lot
more are closet bigots.