Re: Is this paleoanthropology?

pete (VINCENT@reg.Triumf.CA)
20 Jul 1996 02:05:27 GMT

Mike Muller ( sez:
`Why is this news group debating Atlantis, Life after Death, and Lucifer.
`It is a waste of time and space to respond to such nonsense. Also it
`keeps active paleoanthropologists and and other interested parties from
`engaging in debate. Why check into this group just to read the drivel
`that has been currently posted. Can't we elevate the discussions here and
`look at controversial issues with scientific basis and not just wild

Well, this is just idle speculation, but maybe it has something to do
with the recent advent of sci.archaeology.moderated, which has drawn
off the academics from the free-for-all in sci.arch. The more fervently
proselytizing wackos may now be casting about for a vaguely related
forum with an academic audience, on which to inflict their lunacy.
Then again, maybe it's just a function of the steady growth of internet
participation, as it steadily seeps down through the intellectual
strata of society... Man, this was a civil and stimulating place
five years ago (well, not this particular group, which is only
about 2 1/2 (or is it 3 1/2) years old).

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