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YOu win!

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>>Whethere it would happen or not, I believe would depend on the initial
>>pressure and how fast the exposure to a vacuum is accomplished.
> I see you haven't gone and looked at any of the "sources" I
>listed (as well referenced as many of Ms. Morgan's sources). This is
>still flat out wrong. Macroscopic (I'm not talking about bacteria
>here) living beings do _not_ explode when exposed to vaccuum,
>including sudden decompressions. It _does_ _not_ _happen._ This
>isn't "speculation" or "theory." This is fact.
>>In and case the way this came up related to a claim that infants
>>would kick if thrown out of an arilock in the Space Shuttle as I
>>All of the comments on this topic have been speculation. This is what
>>gets AAT supporters condemnation by many posters in this ng.
> Wrong again. Exposure of humans and small animals (including
>those about the size of a human infant) to vaccuum has been done. It
>is not speculation, but experimental result. The fact is that they
>did _not_ explode. Indeed, brief exposures are something from which
>one can not only survive, but fully recover in a rather short time. I
>know one of the subjects of these tests _personally_. (Dr. Jerry
>Pournelle, for those who wish to know.)
> Try to learn the difference between experimental results and
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