Stephen Barnard (
Mon, 15 Jul 1996 05:48:10 -0800

James Borrett wrote:
> david l burkhead wrote:
> > And if you're _not_ claiming it as support
> > then why did you bring it up in the first place. (_Karen_ never
> > claimed that it was support for aquatic anything.)
> It was Stephen Barnard who brought this subject up, perhaps you could get
> off Richard's back and argue with Stephen?

Wait just a minute. I started the thread merely by saying I was bored
by the AAH. I still am. I did *not*, however, make any sort of claim
about swimming abilities of humans, instinctive or otherwise.

The first person who made that claim was someone named David Cloutman,
and then you replied to him:

James Borrett wrote:

> David Cloutman wrote:

>> It is generally agreed upon that humans are one of the few mammalian
>> species that do NOT have an instinctual ability to swim. It seems odd
>> that this would be so if our ancestors were aquatic.

> Generally agreed upon by whom? Do you have a reference for this claim? > Do
> wading birds have an instinctive ability to swim? Do humans have an
> instinctive ability to climb trees? I don't think so, so whoever
> suggested our ancesters were arboreal must have been smoking crack. :O)