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>> I don't care _what_ you read. If you, an EE, are going to claim
>>greater knowledge of the subject than an RN who has _worked_ in the
>>field, then you will simply destroy what little credibility you have
>People don't need professional degrees or creditionals to be quite
>knowledgeable about a subject.

I never said anything about degrees. I said a professional
working in the field. For nursing the degree is a necessary, but not
sufficient, condition for that.

>I would like to cite the example of Jim Moore, a frequent poster to
>this n.g. AFAIK he has no formal degrees in the field of
>anthropology. However, it is quite obvious from his posts that he has
>an excellent background in that field.

For this example to be relevant (presuming he actually is not a
professional working in the field), then he would have to have claimed
_more_ knowledge than a professional working in the field.

If you are going to claim more knowledge (I notice, though, that
you've never made any such straight-out claim, working more by
insinuation than by open discourse) of a health-care subject than a
professional with experience in the field, then I can only reiterate
that doing so merely serves to destroy what credibility you have left,
particularly when the claim is based on my merely not knowing what you
have _read_.

How much credence would you give if Bea (the nurse in question)
disagreed with you on a matter of circuit theory based on what she
_read_, and then never bothered to list the sources or any specifics
whatsoever? In that case _you_ would be the professional in the field
and she the ignorant (and I use that term precisely) layman.

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