Re: Age of dinosaurs

Mike Muller (
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 18:06:55 -0400

zeltine@undefined wrote:
> Lately I have watched many paleoworld shows on TV. It must be an incredible experience digging up a new find.
> But the age of dinosaurs which is supposed to be well in the millions always had me wonderring, along with the age of
> this planet.
> The reason I wonder is because I'm a bible beleiver. I always had questions about the way this planet functioned.
> One question was if God created the earth, and said it was good, how come this planet is full of things that are harmful \
> to man? I figured that something must have happenned to disturb the earths system.
> I came across a videotape recently done by a man by the name of Dr. Carl Baugh. When I viewed it, it became apparent
> that the bible was far more scientific than I thought. The evidence that scientists are uncoverring about the bible is
> absolutely incredible. It actually shows that the age of the earth is around only 6000 years old. Maybe your'e saying that
> carbon 14 tests or other tests would prove that to be false. But this tape will show you why it's inaccurate.

I'm sure that the tape will show why IT is inaccurate. Appearantly your
scientist must have rewritten the laws pf physics and changed the speed
of light and altered the decay rate of radioactive isotopes to get his
evidence that the age of Earth is only 6000 years. He must be God
himself! You have to do alot more than to watch a few shows on Discovery
and Learning Channel to understand how science has arrived at the 4
billion year old age for the Earth. Try reading a book or taking a class.
Go to a museum or call a professor of Geology at a nearby university or
community college...but it is obvious that you had your mind made up
before the tape was even in the mail, and I have better things to do than
to watch cartoons.