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Thu, 11 Jul 1996 11:45:22 GMT (Gerrit Hanenburg) wrote:

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>>I do think that the enlarged breasts could have something
>>to do with a benefit for h.s.s. infants. I am not sure exactly what,
>>it would help if we knew just when breasts became enlarged.
>>I have to admit that I like Elaine Morgans' just so story about them
>>better than the usual 'breasts enlarged to aid in sexual selection'
>>theory! But then, I am female and would rather think that anyway!

>How are the enlarged breasts differentiated as far as tissue is
>concerned? Is the enlargement mainly caused by an increase of fat
>tissue,glandular tissue or both?
>Maybe human females have enlarged breasts for trophic reasons.
>Human infants are the only primates that continue the high rate of
>intra-uterine braingrowth after birth,with the result that a one year
>old child has a brain twice the size of an adult chimpanzee.
>To grow and maintain such a large brain the child needs a large supply
>of high quality food:mother's milk.
>I wouldn't be surprised if large breasts are intimitely related to
>large brains for mainly trophic reasons.

Very small human, female breasts can produce ample milk for optimal
growth and development of an infant. My explanation of the larger
breasts in human females, compared to other primates, is at on the web. The same mechanism that
produced the larger breasts in female humans, caused the development
of larger penises in human males.
James Howard