Re: Apology to Ms. Morgan

Elaine Morgan (
Sun, 7 Jul 1996 12:38:02 GMT

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. But from the many factual
> errors in her books that have been REPEATEDLY pointed out to Elaine, it
> seems a bit risky for anyone (supporters, included) to just take what she
> writes at face value, wouldn't you agree?

One day I hope that we are going to be given a list of these REPEATEDLY
alleged "many" factual errors. I make it three. One of them I tracked
down myself. All the statements were made in good faith at the time of
going to press.
And please stop saying
"repeatedly pointed out" with the implication that I continue to make
erroneous statements after I have agreed that I was in error. This does
not happen. I have challenged this allegation before but it is
REPEATEDLY made. Can anybody take what the repeaters say ay face value
after that ?