Monkey, Ape and Human Brain Evolution and the AAH

Richard Foy (
Sun, 7 Jul 1996 03:52:12 GMT

I just finished reading an interesting article im Medical
Hypotheses, 1995 44, 409-413 titled "Aquatic Ape Theory, Speech
Origins, and Brain Differences with Apes and Monkeys." by M.

The article discusses the difference between the precentral and
postcentral cortex between humans, and apes, monkeys and some
other mammals.

The article states that the differences between human chimp
brains is traditionally explained be the human tool use and
language capacities. This is a good explanation of the
differences now but does not explain how the differences arose.

The article says that it is highly improbable that Broca's arose,
by accident at the same time, yet either area alone is
insufficient for speech.

The article states:

1 the expansion of the cortex which for the mouth, throat
is to be expected in a diving species.

2 the complicated control of the sequencing of the breathing at
the surface and shutting off while diving could have been
controlled by Brocas area without the help of Wernicke'a area.

3. the expansion of the pre and post central cortex for the hands
is consistant with the use of hands for gathering shell fish

4. the decrease of the pre and post central cortex for the feet
is consistant with feet which are no longer used for climbing.

I am afraid that my summary does not do justice to the article.

(Please note that this article was mailed to me by a person who
lives in the UK and is at least sympathetic to the AAH, but
doesn't post strongly in that direction. He volunteered to send
me this and a few other articles, when I told him how much trouble
I had getting the articles that Jim Moore had referred me to
regarding Wheelers work on thermal control, for which I thank him.

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