Re: Large animal extinctions: extinction-ex-astra

Timo Niroma (
5 Jul 1996 23:15:32 GMT

In article <>, p3voices <> says:
>To Timo Niroma: (name corrected)
>I am a great fan of the idea that meteoric impacts have affected the earht's
>climate and have caused some key extinction events. However, the end of the ice
>age is not one.
>comets, cometary nuclei, stony meteors, iron meteors, meteor swarms, small black
>holes (as in Tunguska), etc. The newest extinction-ex-astra fad seems to be,
>(after the comet impact on Jupiter), multiple comet/meteor impacts.
>hypothesis. Sorry Brian. Perhaps we could call the extinction-ex-astra theory the
>"Timo Niroma hypothesis". (You brought it up).
>P3 :)
><I knew exticntions could become an interesting thread!>

1. How can you be so sure that the end of ice age did not have an extraterrestrial

2. You list what actually happens in our solar system. With one error. The Tunguskan
explosion was not caused by a small black hole, but by a very common type of stony

3. I have nothing against of calling the ice-age-ending event "Niroma hypothesis"!

4. The extinctions surely are an interesting thread.