scientists and inquiries, dingell and nih

caroline laskow (
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 16:49:25 GMT

in today's nyt op-ed piece on the nih fraud trials -- several
scientists whose careers were fairly trashed before the verdicts even
come, then recently exonerated of all charges -- bernadine healy notes
the establishment of an nih appeals board, which would allow the
accused to scientist to defend themselves against their accusers (what
a novel idea). my nagging worry is the involvement of ANY funding
orgainization such as nih being part of a judiciary committee such as
that. is there not a way to form an appeals board from a groupd of
non-interested scientists? i am assuming agriculturists have at least
as hellish inquiries when your practices are questioned,as would other
scientists, so i'm posting this to several groups. is this a crazy,
naive thought?

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