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> One of the researchers of the four-year cycle idea and lead proponent in
> the literature is Helen Fisher at Rutgers' Anthropoloyy dept. She has
> studied many societies, though not all, but she would tell you the cycle
> is universal.
> Acually, the chemical attractor is the most
> plausible part of the theory to me. In the first year of a relationship
> NOTHING will separate you but as you point out, already by the third year
> just looking for a new job is enough to say farewell forever.

Well you have to earn money to eat. What I meant by this is that whatever
our chemical cycles are doing their effects are going to be overidden by
society. I know plenty of couples who have been forced to take a job a
great distance away from their partner and trying to keep the
relationship going (suggesting no loss of attraction) but the situation
usually destroys the relationship despite both partners being attracted
to each other.