Re: hot and cold running water

James Borrett (
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 11:35:02 +0100

Bill Burnett wrote:

> So exostoses are basically of no help to the argument at all as whether
> they exist or not they're evidence for AAT if you follow your own
> slightly twisted logic...
> Oh well, I guess it must be true then.

If someone found a significant number of australopithicine skulls with
auditory exostoses this would be great supporting evidence for AAT as the
only way the australopithicines could have got the exostoses would be to
have immersed their heads regularly in water less than 18oC.

If someone checked a large number of australopiithicine skulls and found
no exostoses this would be neither evidence for nor against AAH, although
it would mean that IF the AAH was correct then the aquatic ape must have
utilised water above 18oC. This would not provide support, but neither
would it falsify, the AAH.