Re: A Modest Proposal

Thomas Clarke (
29 Jun 1996 13:38:26 GMT

In article <> Gautam Majumdar <> writes:
>In article <4q7544$>, Thomas Clarke
><> writes
>>I would like to propose an experiment to those who
>>Try not responding to posts on the subject for a while.
>>I bet the traffic on the subject will drop by at least 75%.
>>Or more.
>>Tom Clarke

>I have joined s.a.p only recently and quickly appreciated the "Kill-Author"
>facility of my software. Now I am happy that I can concentrate on Sci.a.p
>without being troubled by the pseudo-sci.a.p.

>Gautam Majumdar

I don't know the in's and outs of kill files that well. Killing the
author is I suspect, too coarse a filter.

I have probably said things that would merit ignoring.
If you had kill filed me you would have missed all my pearls
of wisdom that followed :-)

Tom Clarke