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>Pn> >And who came up with the notion that the first Cro-Magnons were
>Pn> >blond?
>Pn> And the neandertals dark-skinned.
>Pn> Phil Nicholls (
>I don't know, but I know Bjorn Kurten, if I have the correct guy,
>explicitly reversed that in his novels, reasoning that blonde and
>lighter-skinned would go with a more northerly-adapted people.

Hmmm. but Neandertals were better adapted for the cold. When you look at
cold-dwelling peoples now, such as the inuit, they are dark-haired, but I
suppose that could be from having descended from Asian groups.
Personally, I think the argument is molded to fit whatever people want it
to: 'Northerly races are pale and blond,' but Neandertals were more
Northerly-adapted, so I guess they were just pasty-faced.


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